Chorizo & Kalamata Olives with Smoked Paprika

Chorizo and Kalamata Olives with Smoked Paprika

This is a great little canapé for any occasion. It looks fantastic and taste even better.


Ingredients for 10 spoons

  • 40 g chorizo
  • 1 glass red wine
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 garlic clove crushed
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp tomato paste
  • 10 Kalamata olives cut into small pieces
  • 5 new potatoes cut into quarters
  • 5 grilled artichoke
  • garlic oil
  • olive oil
  • pepper

Preparation method

  1. Dice the chorizo into small cubes. Crush the garlic with the skin. Peel and mince the shallot. Wash the potatoes and cut them into 5mm slices. Stone the Kalamata olives and cut the flesh into 3 pieces. Cut the grilled artichokes in 4 or 6 wedges depending on the size.
  2. In a sauté pan, fry the chorizo with a splash of olive oil. When the chorizo is cooked, remove from the pan and keep the fat. Place the chorizo on a paper towel to absorb any extra fat. 
  3. In the same pan with the chorizo oil, add garlic, shallot, smoked paprika and tomato paste and stir for 2-3 min to release the flavour. Deglaze with the red wine and reduce the heat to medium. Let the liquid reduce to half, pass through a sieve and reserve. 
  4. Panfry each slice of potato into garlic oil and season with pepper.  

To assemble

Place the slide of potatoes at the bottom of the spoon and add the cubes of Chorizo on the top. Place a wedge of artichoke on one side and 3 segments of Kalamata olive on the other side. Moisten with a little bit of reduction and serve.