13/01/15 - January Fresh Produce

January is the hardest of months for fresh local produce

Traditionally we ate loads of pickled veg or stewed root vegetables. Now on the other hand we are lucky enough to have British growers replacing the traditional produce with new foreign vegetables that can be grown in this country with little trouble. Romanesco, purple and yellow cauliflowers, Tuscan kale and the variety of carrots are amazing.

All the leaves we use in London’s Kitchen are grown under plastic in Kent at Watts Farm in Dartford. In fact, 80 percent of the fresh produce is local and British from cauliflower to broccoli and carrot. We have introduced Watts Farm to City Hall on a trial basis and so far I am over the moon with the general quality and philosophy of the growers and their Sales Team. They buy from the market to supplement produce unavailable in this country but only buy non-GMO foods and have full traceability. I will be working with them soon to supply some organic veggies for an organic dish of the day so I can achieve our Gold Soil Association award full time in the cafe. 

January is a good time to clear the cupboards and fridge of all that left over or near to date stuff that’s going to be chucked away, I’ve attached a quick but classy soufflé recipe for you guys to try. It’s a great dish that can be made with what’s in the larder and fridge, you can substitute one ingredient for another i.e. cheddar for blue cheese or pecan instead of walnut, the choice is yours. Please don’t be put off by how hard soufflé is, its actually not that difficult you just need to be organised and stick to the recipe.

Thanks and good luck with the soufflé.

Executive Head Chef, Simon